Local Deployment

If you want to try out Bitcart on your local machine, it is also possible. If you don't have a domain name, Bitcart provides a way to test in a local-only deployment.

The setup is almost the same as always (see docker deployment), the catch is: the domain name must end with .local. Bitcart then modifies your host machines' /etc/hosts file to make it work.

This only works from the computer on which you install Bitcart directly. To access it from outside, you should either use Tor or your own domain name + static ip

Here and later we assume that you've cloned the bitcart-docker repository, entered that directory and entered root shell by using sudo su - (note that minus at the end, it's important!). If you're on mac os, use the scripts as your current user and don't enter root shell.

Local setup (.local domains, only current PC)

export BITCART_HOST=bitcart.local

You will get the admin panel running at http://bitcart.local/admin, store at http://bitcart.local and api at http://bitcart.local/api. Good for testing locally/developing without all the hassles of manual deployment. Note that if you don't use one domain mode, it will still work.

Tor setup (everywhere, requires tor browser)


It isn't even required to set BITCART_HOST if tor is enabled. You can get onion addresses generated from the compose_tor_servicesdir docker volume. For more details check our tor guide.

It is even possible to combine both ways to be able to access both locally and from anywhere!

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