Atomic Tip Bot

Atomic Tip Bot is a bot which allows you to tip other users on telegram. It is a great example of Bitcart usage.

To get some funds to tip, user needs to deposit, which means generating an address and checking status of payment. We can use Bitcart SDK for that.

But also, users are able to withdraw their funds. It is also possible with the SDK, while this feature isn't available in many other payment processors, as Bitcart is not just a payment processor.

You can use add_request SDK method to create a new invoice.

invoice = instances[currency].add_request(amount, description, expire=20160)

See the full example

To process payments, we should register an event handler on our APIManager to handle the new_payment event, which is fired when a request was completed.

async def payment_handler(instance, event, address, status, status_str):
    # bitcart: get invoice info, not necessary here
    # instance.get_request(address)
    if status_str == "Paid":
        # process

See the full example

We can use manager.start_websocket() to start listening for new events.

If you are interested, read the full explanation at github here or try the atomic tip bot yourself in telegram

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