This project is open source, and is not a company. Instead we rely on a network of contributors and users to provide support.

Free support

Problem? Don't worry, someone else has probably been through that before you.

  • First have a look at our user documentation and Frequently Asked Questions.

  • If your issue is not referenced there, or you want to request a new feature, please open a github issue.

  • If you have more general questions about Bitcart, the way it works and why you should use it, you're welcome on our Telegram

Getting a proper support also depends on how you formulate your questions. Read our troubleshooting guidelines.

Do you have some complex project where you want to integrate Bitcart and not sure how to do it? Do you need to add some custom feature to Bitcart just for your project and you want professional help?

Some of our team members can assist you with paid support:


The author of Bitcart, he knows everything about the project. Able to customize any part of the project in any way to provide support.

Skills: Python (experience in various backend frameworks), Vue (Nuxt.js, UI frameworks Bulma (Buefy) and Vuetify), Docker (and docker-compose, building various stacks and building docker-compose generators), Bash (custom scripts), Git and more

You can find him in Bitcart Telegram or just in telegram at username @MrNaif_bel.

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