Transaction speed

What does transaction speed mean?

First of all, transaction speed applies only to on-chain invoices. All lightning invoices are instantly marked as complete.

To understand why transaction speed setting is needed, you need to understand the invoice statuses in Bitcart:

When invoice has just been created, it has pending status.

If no payment has been sent within the invoice time frame (expiration time), invoice is marked expired. Expired invoices no longer listen for incoming payments, but you may manually mark it complete.

If a payment has been sent within the invoice time frame (expiration time), invoice status is set to paid.

With paid status, customer is redirected to the redirect URL, and checkout page shows paid. But all the notifications, emails and custom scripts aren't executed yet.

When payment has been confirmed (has >= 1 confirmations), invoice status is set to confirmed.

When payment's number of confirmations is >= transaction speed, invoice status is set to complete, and all the postorder actions are executed (like notifications).

So, transaction speed controls how fast you want your invoice to be complete. Default value of 0 provides the fastest checkout, but it is not always good for your use case, it might be not safe.

Value of 1 means waiting for one confirmation, which is enough in most cases.

You can set transaction speed to any value between 0 and 6 (there is no point in waiting past 6 confirmations).

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