WHMCS integration provides an easy way to use Bitcart as a payment gateway in your whmcs instance


This plugin requires the following:


  1. Open https://github.com/bitcart/whmcs-plugin/releases/latest and download the zip archive with the plugin

  2. Copy the archive on your server

  3. Extract the archive to your whmcs root, so that in your whmcs root, in modules/gateways there is a file named bitcartcheckout.php

  4. At whmcs panel, go to setup > payments > payment gateways

  5. On the next screen, click on the All Payment Gateways tab and click on Bitcart Checkout to enable the plugin. The next step will be to configure it.

Plugin Configuration

After you have enabled the Bitcart plugin, the configuration steps are:

  1. Enter your admin panel URL (for example, https://admin.bitcart.ai) without slashes

  2. Enter your merchants API URl (for example, https://api.bitcart.ai) without slashes

This plugin also includes an IPN (Instant Payment Notification) endpoint that will update your WHMCS invoice status.

  • Initially the WHMCS invoice will be in a Unpaid status when it is initially created.

  • After the invoice is paid by the user, it will change to a Payment Pending status.

  • When Bitcart finalizes the transaction, it will change to a Paid status, and your order will be safe to ship, allow access to downloadable products, etc.

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