Templates are a powerful way to customize your store's checkout flow.

Please read the templates guide first.

Here are some examples of ready templates.

As plain text templates are pretty simple, we show complex html examples. Ensure to enable html template rendering.

Note: the templates contain a lot of boilerplate code to workaround different email clients rendering issues. All examples are self-contained and are ready to be used in production.

They were generated by this email template generator and modified to be actual templates.

Simple summary table

This template is just a simple example of how to use html in your templates for better design. This example utilizes a table with some custom styles to display bought items.

product.html is the template that renders each individual product.

We use some of the available variables to show the product price, quantity selected, and final calculated price. store.default_currency can be used to get product's currency.

And in shop.html template (containing most of the design), we just use:

{% for product in products %}
{% endfor %}

To include all products' rendered templates.

And we also use {{store.name}} to display store name at the top.

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